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Meet Dave

Dave Allam

Dave is a native of Richmond, VA and graduated with a music degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is regularly running sound for a variety of venues in Richmond as well as performing on trumpet, drums, aux percussion and guitar. His education degree shines through in his top notch teaching style and he makes complex topics easy to understand. Whether it is playing, mixing, or teaching he can help.


Audio Teaching

Teaching sound technicians how to improve their skills for live mixing in all venues on all consoles.

Live Musician

Performing live music on trumpet, drums, percussion, vocal percussion, guitar, vocal.
Worship, jazz, classical.

Studio Musician

Covering your studio needs on trumpet, guitar, vocal percussion, auxiliary percussion.
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Studio Mixing

Handling your post production mixing needs for projects of all sizes and styles.
Mixing Samples


YouTube is ALIVE

I finally got some time to start editing video. This channel will cover my interests that are way more than just music. Anything from house projects, custom automotive builds, lifestyle...all sorts of content.  I have a backlog of about 10 months worth of content, but...

Website, then YouTube

I'm finally taking a minute to get a start on my website to offer a landing page.  Once this is settled I get to start building my YouTube page which will offer a much larger selection of current projects.

How Can we Help?

Our Contact Card is currently at the shop. Please send an email to allamhousesound @ gmail.com